Welcome to The Middle Jutland Mink and Game Farm

The Middle Jutland was founded in 1990 of Marlene and John Papsø.


We bought the farm and started with a production of 10.000 partridgeschicken, so back then, we had both work beside the farm job.
We also bought 10 mink females, who we had walking in a pension on a mink farm. They grow fast to 150 - 200 females.
Today we have 3000 egg-laying partridge hens who produce 200.000 partridge eggs. We breed 65.000 partridge chickens and about 15.000 pheasants.
We sell most of them for exports through our export company DUELUND APS.
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On our minkfarm, we have today 4000 breeding females who produce 20.000 pelts a year.
We hope you find it interesting to read more about us on the following sites or on www.DUELUND.NU